Asian Media Access Multi Arts Complex

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For 19 years, Asia Media Access (AMA) has successfully supported the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in utilizing media arts, media, and technology for social betterment. We believe that media arts, media, and technology empower all of us with critical thinking skills and promote good citizenship-which is especially important as we prepare young people to be tomorrow's leaders. Our thought provoking media exhibitions, resourceful educational products, and youth programs encourage deep reflection, challenge previous assumptions, provide solace, and allow participants to develop their own way of connecting through creative works, effective communication, and community building.

Due to our success, AMA has grown to need our own facilities for the award-winning and long-running programs and services we have been providing for under-served communities.

Our success today is only possible because of your generous support as well as the support of our event sponsors.


  1. Asian Movie/Performance Exhibition Hall & Concessions Counter (3000 sq. ft.)
    • Community Theater featuring Asian films, video, dance, and theater works.
    • Concessions counter providing Asian snacks and beverages
  2. AMA Administrative Office (1000 sq. ft.)
    • Office accommodating up to 8 staff desks.
    • Conference Room adjacent office.
  3. Multi-media Training Center (1500 sq. ft.)
    • Computer Lab (500 sq. ft.)
    • Media Lab (500 sq. ft.)
    • Classroom (500 sq. ft.)


Asian Media Access seeks to raise $1.6 million in funding to establish the AMA Media Arts Complex to present Asian films and performances to encourage Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) art and interactive activities and to provide training space for media/digital arts, leadership, and communication skills.

The funds will be used to create a community hub at 2412-2418 Plymouth Avenue North in Minneapolis. The remodeled AMA Media Arts Complex will serve as a vibrant beacon of the arts & culture, embodying AMA's organization values of "connecting the disconnected."

So far Asian Media Access has raised about $730,000 from various sources, and is looking to open the AMA MEdia Arts Complex doors in the summer of 2011. Building renovation will be done in phases and the first step will be to strengthen the roof and walls and finish the office space and computer/media lab.

Fundraising Barometer

AMA has recently received a generous grant of $200,000 towards the renovation of the AMA Media Arts Complex from the McKnight Foundation. We are all excited and looking forward to when our doors will open. Thank you for your support.