AMA Privacy Statement

We do not enable cookies in general. The only instance where a cookie is enabled is with our Events Calendar to keep track of the preferences that you set to customize the look of the calendar. You can still choose to reject the cookie and will still be able to view the calendar just fine, but you will not be able to retain the customization of the calendar.

Email Addresses
Email addresses on our site are encoded into JavaScript format to prevent harvesting bots from snatching them up to be used by spammers. You must have JavaScript enabled on your browser to view the email addresses on our site. JavaScript is also used to construct the design of our web pages.

Personal Information
We do not collect personally identifiable information at our web site. We do, however, log accesses to our websites just like every other web site on the internet. This information includes:

  • your hostname/IP address (or that of a host acting on your behalf such as a proxy service)
  • the resource you are requesting (web URL etc)
  • the date this was requested
  • your browser type and version for customization purposes
  • the URL that refered you to the resource you were seeking

We retain the access logs that contain this information on a permanent basis for long term tracking.

We are an information resource not an information vacuum.

We log all other services for every possible kind of information we can collect. We retain the right to do so as they are private services.